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15 Ways to Detox Your Home


My April blog post has to do with a lot of things that I know little about.  My area of expertise really involves managing type 1 diabetes without the use of medication. I realize there are countless factors that affect my blood sugar, but … Read more

Green Smoothie Girl

When I first started my plant-based diet journey years ago, the initial research that I uncovered mostly surrounded its positive effects on diabetics. Over the past few years, I continue to hear more and more about people curing all sorts of diseases after changing their lifestyle to a plant-based diet.

My blog is mostly geared towards type 1 diabetics … Read more

Plant Based Diet MVP Style

NFL Playoff Time!

Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers just lost today to the Jackson Jaguars, so I had to rewrite this intro to my blog post. I thought it was going to be another Steelers / Patriots AFC championship, but that came to an abrupt halt this afternoon.

Being a Pittsburgh native, I have been fortunate to see 2 Super Bowl … Read more

Blood Sugar Predictability = Less Stress

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (“T1D”) about 4 years ago, it was very stressful having to see my blood sugars swing up and down. My initial A1c test was 6.7 which is essentially an average blood sugar of 146 (most non-diabetics are around 85). I remember initially being in denial thinking that I may not really … Read more

Guest Blog Post – My Wife!

Hello everyone, I have a special treat for you! My wife will be doing my first ever guest blog post. As a type 1 diabetic that has been off medication for going on 4 years, my wife has been a big supporter of my efforts and instrumental to my mission to stay medication free.

What she has to deal with … Read more

What the Health!?

As most of my blog followers know, I eat a plant-based diet. I eat minimal animal products and maximize intake of uncooked low glycemic vegetables, nuts and seeds to stay off of medication as type 1 diabetic.

I’m going on nearly 3 years of this diet, and I feel great! That said, I’m in the vast minority and am constantly … Read more

Coming Back Strong

After my last blog post, my friend told me that he did not think it was a good post. He said it gave fuel for all of the doubters out there to call me a phony and decreased my credibility for what I’m trying to accomplish.

Maybe he is right, but at the end of the day, this is real … Read more

I am Humbled

Penguins Win the Stanley Cup Again!

Right on the heels of a 2nd consecutive Stanley Cup Championship for the Pittsburgh Penguins (I am a Pittsburgher), I was all ready to write up a raw raw post talking about all of the great things that a plant-based diet affords the general population.

Change in Tune

That was until we took my … Read more