Over the past several months I have started going to weekly high intensity kettlebell workouts. I’ve always worked out on a consistent basis, but my recent kettlebell workouts have brought me back to my high school football days.

On the days that I’m using my sensor, it’s always interesting watching my blood sugar patterns before / during / after a high intensity workout.

No Pain No Gain

The photo above is from a May 2019 workout that was particularly difficult. As you can see, my blood sugar went from about 85 when I woke up to over 180 during the peak of the workout. Then, it came crashing back down.

Below is a picture of me after one of my kettlebell workouts. Not too flattering of a photo, but I was beat.

Both Physical and Mental Gains

I’m not going to lie, doing workouts like this are not easy on your body, but, they will 1) make you feel like a million bucks after each workout and 2) they definitely help combat high blood sugars. Even though I have a spike, it plummets right back down.

Overall, any type 1 or type 2 diabetic wishing to control their blood sugars better without medication will find great benefits from high intensity workouts like a kettlebell class.

My next post will be a summary of my annual visit with Endocrinologist. It’s always a good feeling when I only have to meet him once per year! It’s also great walking in there after 5 and a half years without ever taking medication as a type 1 diabetic.

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