My Blog – A Year in Review (How am I Doing?)

One Year Blogging!

Well, it’s already been one year since I started my blog. I wasn’t really sure what I expected this to turn into when I started it back in December 2015. Like most people, I had a busy life and knew I didn’t have much time to devote to this blog, but I knew I had a powerful message to convey and I wanted to commit to at least 1 blog per month.

Overall, I’ve been happy with the blog. I certainly don’t have a tremendous amount of traffic each month, but I have been gaining traction as the months go by. I’ve also managed to have several conversations with people seeking help, and I’ve also received a decent amount of positive messages from people.

I’m Your Average Guy

I think the beauty of my situation is that I’m a fairly normal person that can relate to most T1Ds. I work a demanding job, have a wife and have two kids which consumes most of my time. The fact that I can manage T1D medication free while maintaining a normal “The American Dream” type of life should inspire hope to other like minded T1Ds that my path is an option for all T1Ds.

I realize that certain posts have rubbed some people the wrong way, and I’m sure I’ve alienated myself to a certain extent from some individuals as well. However, my message is too powerful to just sit on the sidelines and not try and help other T1Ds. I would have given anything to read a blog like  this right after I was diagnosed instead of having to hopelessly listen to a doctor’s depressing prognosis of what my future insulin dependent life will be like.

There Will Always Be the Haters

Certain people out there just love to hate on my blog, and I understand that will never change. The typical comments that I receive include people telling me that my blog is BS and that I’m a Type 2 Diabetic, or, that I’m just in my honeymoon phase and my body will eventually shut down and need insulin.

Believe me, if I could be diagnosed as a T2D, I would gladly accept that and immediately shut down my blog. Life would be much less stressful as a T2D and I know I could then live the remainder of my life medication free with a healthly diet and exercising.

Unfortunately though, my test results all point to T1D, and I have to stress over almost everything I eat and also the anxiety of knowing that my body could continue to deteriorate to the point that I’ll need medication.

My Message Will Persevere

However, until that day, I’m going to continue blogging and spreading my message in an effort to accomplish my goals. My blog has given me a bit of peace and serenity in dealing with this disease. Life is so fast paced but writing my blog allows me to slow down and really think about how impactful my message can be for not only T1Ds but all people.

Revisiting My Goals

I thought it would be good to revisit exactly what I’m trying to get out of this.

My main goals were:

Goal #1 – Help Other Like Minded T1Ds

To help other T1Ds to realize that there are alternative methods of managing their disease besides the hopeless draconian scenarios of endless insulin shots and stressing over blood sugar levels. I realize not all T1Ds have an interest in managing the disease in my fashion, but they should ALL be aware that this is an option.

Goal #2 – Educate on the Profound Impacts of Food on Disease

To educate the general public of the profound impact that diet can have in fighting all sorts of diseases, not just T1D. Before I was diagnosed in 2013, I ate a very similar diet as most people (steak, chicken, fish, pasta, occasional junk food).

However, after my experiences and education over the past few years, my eyes were completely opened to the truth about food. All people should know that diet can eradicate many diseases out there, and you typically don’t need to subject yourself to a lifetime of medication if you make the right dietary choices.

Goal #3 – Raise Awareness that Doctor’s May Not Have All of the Answers

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe most doctors are trying to help people. That said, the fact that the medical community does not inform 100% (or even a majority) of T1Ds about how a plant-based diet can potentially cure them is just wrong. I just can’t get wrap my head around it.

I totally understand the T1Ds that love their cheeseburgers and would prefer being on medication than to eat my diet. However, all T1Ds deserve to know the absolute truth about the disease from their doctors from the very beginning, and that’s just not happening in today’s society.

So I feel like this blog is my way to give a big middle finger to whoever is controlling the information that doctors are trained on that omits information about people like me.  I mean, how is there not a big fat chapter in the medical school books about a story like me? It’s arguably a cure to an incurable disease!!

Unfortunately, someone seems intent on keeping it out of mainstream medical schools, and it’s not fair to people having to live with this stressful disease. I guess though we are a capitalist society and the medical community isn’t making money off people like me. It’s a tough battle, but I’m in this for the long-haul. I guess you can call me a conspiracy theorist, but if you were in my shoes, what would you think?


So, I hope efforts with this blog have been worth my while. Over the past year, I’ve received enough positive reaction that I feel reinforced in my efforts and will try my best to continue putting out a monthly blog. As time goes on and I remain medication free, I’m sure I’ll start gaining the attention of more T1Ds and raise awareness about alternatives to treating this disease.

A special thanks to all of my followers and your efforts in helping me spread my message in my initial year of blogging. It’s people like yourselves that keep me motivated to continue blogging and helping more T1Ds.

Keep Helping Me Spread My Message

Even if you are not a T1D and enjoy my blog, I’m sure you know a T1D or a parent of a T1D, and now understand that sharing my story can truly change the lives of those affected with this frustrating disease. We all know that they will not receive this information from their doctor.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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  • It’s refreshing to finally hear of a T1D who has taken care of their own health, and without insulin!!! I keep searching, reading, posting, talking, and have not found many who think it is possible to cure something that it “incurable”.

    Thank you for your blog, for your courage to go against the grain and get your story told. Please do not ever give up…even if you only help raise awareness for a few, that is more than would otherwise know!

    I’m a parent of a newly diagnosed T1D son. Praying to be able to take care of his health through nutrition. Giving him required insulin right now, but since we have begun doing less carbs, he doesn’t need as much. Diagnosed Sept 2. Forgive me if i have already shared this with you… lol.

    God bless and I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

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