Green Smoothie Girl

When I first started my plant-based diet journey years ago, the initial research that I uncovered mostly surrounded its positive effects on diabetics. Over the past few years, I continue to hear more and more about people curing all sorts of diseases after changing their lifestyle to a plant-based diet.

My blog is mostly geared towards type 1 diabetics who wish to stay off of insulin, but my diet can have profound effects on all walks of life.

Green Smoothie Girl

When I was watching the diabetes summit last summer, I came across an info session from the Green Smoothie Girl. This women has a truly amazing story. When she was 20 years old, she was 200 pounds with 21 chronic diseases. At 25, she had 4 additional autoimmune diseases as well. After becoming increasingly frustrated with her disease ridden life, she switched to a plant-based diet to help try and heal her body. After changing her lifestyle, she was able to drop 70 pounds and became free of all symptoms associated with the diseases that she used to have. For a link to “Her Story” click here.

Plant Based Diet Will Shed the LBs

I have always mentioned in my previous posts, but if you want to lose weight, switch to a plant-based diet. The weight will shed off. I personally think implementing a plant-based diet is one of the least stressful ways to lose weight. No calorie counting or excessive exercise routines are necessary. Eating plant-based is a very clean approach to eating and, trust me, you will get used to eating this way fast.

Plant- Based Diet Can Effectively Fight Cancer

Green Smoothie Girl also had other family members affected by horrible diseases, like cancer. She had an uncle that was diagnosed with cancer at age 33 and passed away after fighting cancer with chemotherapy. Alternatively, her grandmother was able to beat her cancer diagnosis by switching to a green diet, of which decision terrified her whole family! I understand that there is tremendous pressure to do chemotherapy as a cancer patient, but there are many people all over the world that have chosen to use diet to fight the cancer cells as opposed to chemo.

The SAD is so Sad

She also mentioned that her son was having significant health issues on the Standard American Diet (“SAD”). She would listen to the doctor’s orders to ween her son onto formula and cow’s milk and fed him a poor diet most of his early childhood. Once she removed all of the sugar, dairy and processed foods/meats, her son’s health started to dramatically improve.

It’s always great to see people taking control of their life and making dietary choices that improve their well-being. Our country is under siege by the corporate marketing machines and the processed foods and animal products that clog our grocery store shelves and arteries. My choice to live medication free as a type 1 diabetic is partly to a take a stand for what’s right and try and educate people on how the right diet can have significant positive effects on one’s life.

Hopefully you find Green Smoothie Girl’s website inspirational and helpful for ideas on how to live a healthier life. I know I did.

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