Nothing Wrong with Being Skinny!


Before I get into my blog post for this month, I wanted to try something different. I think sometimes when people visit my blog for the first time, they don’t really understand what my situation is. They may think I’m just a random guy that eats a plant-based diet that is preaching the words of how this can help you. They may think that I’m a type 2 diabetic, which I’m not. I want to make sure that my primary headline is constantly at the forefront of each of my blog post. So, I’m going to start putting as the first line in each of my blog post how long that I’ve been off of medication as a type 1 diabetic. I’m currently on about 4 years and 3 months with no medication and no insulin injections.

Lower Weight = Lower Blood Sugars

My topics for blog posts are always in flux. I am going on over two years of blogging, and I always seem to find a topic that interests me each month. This month, I wanted to blog about my weight and it’s affect on my blood sugars.

I just got my most recent A1c test back which was 5.4. As many of my fellow diabetics know, anything below 5.7 is considered non-diabetic, so I am very happy with levels like this. Typically, my levels are around the 5.6 or 5.7 level, so I was very happy to see my levels creeping down.

Juicing For Meals Can Help Lower Blood Sugars

This was not totally without surprise though. Over the past month, I started drinking more green juices. There is this great juice shop close to my work called Fresh From the Farm Juices. I usually get the Green Delight which is comprised of kale, lettuce, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger. I was using the juices as a supplement to some of my meals during the day.

After I began doing this, I noticed my fasting blood sugars were reading consistently lower. In fact, over the past month, my average fasting blood sugar was ~101 (Feb 2018 FBS) compared to 105 for the prior month. It was a tough adjustment at first and I felt hungry at times, but my body quickly adapted and I felt amazing after a few days.

Being Comfortable with My Weight

My point with this blog is to describe the pros / cons that I deal with concerning my weight. It’s so funny because my blood sugars are in direct correlation with my weight. Prior to me getting type 1 diabetes at age 32, my weight was around 165. After getting type 1 diabetes and implementing my plant-based diet, my weight dropped down to 145 at its lowest. When my A1c starts creeping up to the 5.7 level, my weight is usually around 155. After my last A1c test of 5.4, my weight was around 147. There is definitely a correlation to my weight and my A1c that I’ve noticed over the years.

BMI is Right On

I will say that once I get below 150, I do start to look a little skinny. I personally feel extremely healthy, but unfortunately, a majority of people in this world eat a SAD diet, so I’m the one that looks odd. It’s even funnier because if you look at my BMI (click here for BMI scale), it says that my weight at 147 for my height is right where I should be (70 inches tall / weight 147 / BMI 21). I think my family is used to my new found skinniness, but I always used to get comments that I looked too skinny.

Plant-Based Skinny is In

At this point, I’d much rather trade lower blood sugars for a heavier weight. Also, I’m married with kids, so who am I trying to impress these days (just kidding honey)?! I guess my point is that I’m at peace with looking a little skinnier than a majority of the population. I’ve grown fond of eating to the point where I’m comfortably full, and not feeling awful after stuffing myself with food that is doing my body no favors.

Anyway, just know that plant-based skinny is in, and don’t be ashamed if you feel self-conscious after dropping weight when switching to a plant-based diet. I did drop over 10 pounds in a month after going plant-based, but I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

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